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My name is Dmytro Shevchenko. Since I graduated as a Master of Psychology in 2011, I have been developing my counseling skills and nowadays I have my own practice that allows me to conduct around 1000 sessions annually.

But, actually, this site will not be about me. He contributed to my psychotherapies. We learn, practice, try, and, as a result, develop. I was fond of existential therapy, positive therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy by Aaron T. Beck. I was looking in the direction of analytical therapy by Carl Jung and even had an idea to go deeper with Gestalt Psychotherapy by F. Perlz.

Right now, I am an ACT therapist. And most of the posts on this site are tributes to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

The first time I met ACT was in 2015. I was interested, but this “acceptance” in the title refused my desire to dig deeper. For me, it’s associated with all of this hippy-chippy, new age nonsense that, as an experienced yoga practitioner, makes me skeptical. So, that is how I lost a year of studying ACT.

Later, I was mentioning ACT around me. Some articles appeared. Someone said something on Reddit. It looks like I was not interested in ACT, but ACT was interested in me. So, one day, I just denied all my injustices and read an introductory article (I believe it was a review on ACT by Russ Harris about Demons and such) in its entirety.

As I remember, somewhere in the middle of that article I found something familiar. It felt like the author was describing part of my own experience. Like I also was thinking, he just said, but didn’t spell it. But there was something even more important I discovered – answers.

In that time period, I was looking for new answers. What to do to help my clients? What can I offer them? Could I go beyond just supporting and listening? Is it possible to drive them in some direction, to recommend some actions?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy was my answer. So I read more books, articles and clinical research.

In 2018, Dr Steven C. Hayes launched his legendary “ACT Immersion” course. I enrolled right when I saw the announcement.

In 2020, I also finished “ACT in Practice“—the advanced ACT course from Dr Hayes. In addition to these were ACBS conferences, tons of webinars, seminars, workshops, etc.

Some of my diplomas, certificates, and letters of completion include:

Right now, I am conducting my private practice. So, if you want to talk to me, feel free to send me a PM via the “Contact” page. 

P.S. Little bit later, after I registered this domain, I found that before it belonged to a colleague of mine, Marcin Bogucki. 

If you’d like to contact Mr. Bogucki, I believe the best way to do it is via his site: marcinbogucki.wordpress.com.