White Bear Suppression Inventory (WBSI)

The WBSI is about thought suppression and consists of 15 questions. It was created by Daniel M. Wegner and Sophia Zanakos in 1994.

Thought suppression is related to obsessive thinking, rumination and other negative aspects connected to anxiety and depression. The WBSI can be used to identify individuals who are more likely to develop chronic thought suppression. ACT practitioners can also use the metric to evaluate change over time.


As you already know White Bear Suppression Inventory is about thoughts. Please respond honestly to each of the items below. There are no right or wrong answers. You always can repeat WBSI. The Certificate of Completion is available for free.


White Bear Suppression Inventory (WBSI)

1. There are things I prefer not to think about

2. Sometimes I wonder why I have the thoughts I do

3. I have thoughts that I cannot stop

4. There are images that come to mind that I cannot erase

5. My thoughts frequently return to one idea

6. I wish I could stop thinking of certain things

7. Sometimes my mind races so fast I wish I could stop it

8. I always try to put problems out of mind

9. There are thoughts that keep jumping into my head

10. There are things that I try not to think about

11. Sometimes I really wish I could stop thinking

12. I often do things to distract myself from my thoughts

13. I have thoughts that I try to avoid

14. There are many thoughts that I have that I don’t tell anyone

15. Sometimes I stay busy just to keep thoughts from intruding on my mind

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Wegner, D. M. & Zanakos, S. (1994). Chronic thought suppression. Journal of Personality, 62, 615-640.

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