don’t touch – don’t think

According to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), one of the sources of our suffering lies in our brain’s tendency to use external world laws in our inner world. Just as we can throw out our phones, we should be able to throw out all “negative” thoughts from our mind.

The Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) – Free Online

The MAAS is an instrument that measures people’s tendency to be mindful of
moment to moment experience. It consists of 15 items. I recommend to have at least 3 minutes of your time and silent, comfortable place. Thus, the instrument focuses on the presence or absence of attention and awareness of what occurs in the present. The Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale has been shown to relate to various aspects of well-being and to how effectively people deal with stressful life events.

White Bear Suppression Inventory (WBSI)

The WBSI is about thought suppression and consists of 15 questions. It was created by Daniel M. Wegner and Sophia Zanakos in 1994.

Thought suppression is related to obsessive thinking, rumination and other negative aspects connected to anxiety and depression. The WBSI can be used to identify individuals who are more likely to develop chronic thought suppression. ACT practitioners can also use the metric to evaluate change over time.

What is cognitive fusion in ACT?

Cognitive fusion refers to a state in which we become so identified with our thoughts that we treat them as if they are objective facts or truths, rather than just mental events. In other words, cognitive fusion occurs when we are so caught up in our thoughts that we lose sight of the fact that they are simply products of our minds.

The benefits of acceptance and commitment therapy

ACT fully concentrates on the person, not on his “diseases”. ACT does not just try to deal with problems, but, first of all, directs all efforts to achieve fullness and richness of life. 

ACT proceeds from the fact that if we overcome all the problems in life – it still will not lead us to an ideal life. But if we build an ideal life – we will find answers to our difficult questions at the same time.

The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire – II

The AAQ-2 is a quiz used to assess our level of psychological flexibility. As one of the most well-known instruments in the field of psychology, it has been mentioned in scientific publications more than 2,000 times.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy And Its Benefits

Steven C. Hayes, with his deeper understanding of the ACT, adds a new equivalent to the psychotherapy process where three main conditions can be distinguished: – Acceptance, – Connection, – Taking Action. With Wilson and Strosahl, in 2012, he wrote more about such mindful change. Overall, the ACT theory itself comes from Behavior Therapy. Behaviorism